Thursday, 13 March 2008

it's Colonial Day!

It's not an officially recognised on-the-public-calendar sort of event, it is one of those school activities that I was convinced yesterday exist solely for the purpose of challenging parents...

The kids' school are making a day of it, with activities, food, games and crafts from the colonial era. The children were all supposed to turn up in costume. Doodlebug and Turtle both decided they wanted to be convicts, and LP settled for being a little colonial girl rather than a convict urchin.

I had the "brilliant" thought that I would save money by making the costumes rather than spend money on hiring them for the day. Although, in the middle of assembling it all it struck me that maybe the parents who went to the costume shop had the right idea after all.....
While hunting for fabric dye for LP's dress, I bumped into a couple of other mothers who were also going the DIY route. We exchanged Ball and Chain ideas and accessories. Quite a bonding experience, really :)
Despite moments of stress, unpicking seams etc, I actually really enjoyed doing this. It was fun creating and also reminiscing back to my own primary school days when my mother made my costumes for me... I remember feeling very proud and special then wearing her creations and I wanted my children to share in some of that feeling.

This morning the boys decided that their costumes weren't quite authentic enough. Doodlebug wanted to look like he had been whipped, and they both wanted to have rips on the knees and sleeves as well. I resisted the urge to squeak as they were cutting into my masterpieces. But they were both very happy with the result, and were excited to go show off their costumes.
I had tried to convince them they would probably have authentic bush tucker for lunch - roasted goanna, kangaroo, witchetty grubs and damper. LP looked doubtful, but decided that I was probably joking. The boys didn't take me seriously for a minute.... I obviously didn't keep a straight enough face..


  1. Well done Mari, the boys look great and I love LP's colonial girl costume it looks fantastic. You're so clever!

  2. Wow, nice costumes! You are welcome to fly to Chicago about a week before Halloween.

  3. Great job Mari. You are amazing! Can you whip up something around October for me as well?

  4. Save those costumes - they are great!


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