Monday, 17 March 2008

One of those funny little moments

At the dinner table LP was busy discussing her "boyfriend" (who btw does not know he is her boyfriend.....) and telling us she had only given him a cuddle and not a kiss. Stacy is obviously not the only one with a little Infants' school romance :)

Then she said "I know what colour J's box is". MOTH and I looked at each other, and I am sure my face mirrored his in looking stunned. If you are wondering why..... we have just completed cricket season, and a box is the plastic shield used by the boys to protect their Bits, so this is what first came to mind..

MOTH - "box?!"
LP: "yes, he has a blue lunch box".......
she looked a little surprised that this revelation would elicit a huge bellylaugh from her parents. We did not enlighten her.


  1. We call it a frog (now that can have even more serious implications...)!


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