Wednesday, 28 January 2009

First day of school!

(Turtle is not crying.... he's just trying to avoid being photographed )

Having covered 48 textbooks and exercisebooks with "contact paper" (stickyback plastic) and having labelled all pencils, colouring pencils, textas, sharpeners, rulers etc etc etc., I was more than ready for this day!

The morning started with a shock as Turtle actually expressed interest in having a proper sandwich in his lunch box. This is the boy who would go to school with 2 slices of plain bread in his lunchbox because he only likes Nutella, and this is banned at school...... I tried very hard not to make too much of a fuss about this since it could very likely make him change his mind....... (he's like that, our Turtle!). He actually decided that he wanted a banana sandwich (not just sandwich, but FRUIT as well!!). Yay!! could it be that our boy is actually turning a corner in the food-fussiness department? Maybe having omnivorous siblings is actually rubbing off, or maybe he's too hungry to carry on the rebellion?

It was a very rainy morning which caused much concern for the children who look forward to their plays in the playground at recess and lunch. Thankfully it did clear up mid-morning, so playtime was saved!

This year brought a uniform change - compulsory ties for the boys. Ties have until now been during winter only, and the boys were not impressed to have it extended to summer as well. I think they look very smart, and I'm sure they'll get used to it.

Little Possum is feeling very grown up now that she is not in kindergarten anymore. Her class is a yr 1/2 composite class which will work well for her. All her best friends are in the same class, so they will have a great time. LP's teacher Mrs D is by all accounts great, but firm.

Turtle goes into yr 3 and has "inherited" Doodlebug's teachers from last year. Mrs R and Mrs L are wonderful and Turtle will thrive in their class. It is a mother/daughter team who job-share and they do it amazingly well.

Doodlebug started yr 4 and his teacher has been at the school for decades (She taught his Kindergarten teacher as well as Turtle's teacher!). Mrs C looks a little fierce, but apparently is a lot of fun as well. Doodlebug is very proud to be one of the 3 senior classes who have moved into the brand new demountable classrooms. As far as demountables go, these are luxurious! Air-con and brand new bathrooms.


  1. Surfed over from bloglines, Did you get your bag back ? The pencil rolls looked great, have you m,ade a pencil case using only zips? We have a few things in common I will pass by again

  2. They look so sweet, summer ties and hidden faces and all! I love reading your accounts from Australia, it leaves my sense of the seasons temporarily topsy-turvey! Hope they have a great school year.


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