Friday, 2 January 2009

UFO round up

I'm taking stock and writing NY resolutions...... let the 2009 Fabric diet and fitness programme begin!

I commit to:

  • completing 2 UFO's before every new project
  • using more fabric than I buy

This will be my main challenge for 2009 - to complete this Texas star scrap quilt mad from feedsack/30's prints. Of course the irony here is that my "scrap quilt" has absolutely no scraps in it, all the fabrics were bought with this quilt in mind. Although I shall had some scraps left over..... so, perhaps that might count? :)

I also hope to complete Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden, but in this I am at the mercy of the shop through which I am getting the BOM from - it has been 12 months, and so far I have only received 6 blocks. I will commit to catching up with the blocks that I have received though.

My UFO list is actually not all that scary:

Texas Star
Butterfly Garden

The WIP list is not that bad either:

Checks and Planes
I Spy (photo at the top and link above)

The WHIMM and PIG list is very long, but that's another post.

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  1. How I wish my lists were as short as yours. I made about the same resolutions but I'm afraid that finishing my UFO' first would not allow me to start something new this year. So I keep my UFO's as a red line through al my (new) projects ;-) But I won't be buying any material and first use what I have. (Though there's a parcel with 7 m on its way but that was bought in 2008!)


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