Thursday, 8 January 2009

one WIP off the list..........

but not in the way I wanted...... In my eagerness to finish the Ispy quilt, I brought it with me on a family outing in order to do some stitching in a spare moment. Good plan? I thought so.......

But, I lost the bag which contained all the blocks I have completed so far as well as the pattern, my cotton perle threads and my super duper Tupperware "oyster" which was just the right size for my spools of silk thread, my scissors and needles. It's somewhere in the Warriewood area... hopefully it found a home with someone that appreciates it and didn't just get thrown away when whoever found it realised it didn't contain valuables of the monetary kind.

This was going to be my January project, but I will just have to work twice as fast and get another one done......

(how this came about? The bag was forgotten as I rushed to scoop up and cuddle one of my children who was distressed, and I proceded to carry him to the car, forgetting all about the bag..... I tell myself this means I have my priorities straight.....? :) )


  1. What a bummer! I'm sorry for your loss :+(

  2. You did have your priorities straight!! (But the ache for the loss is still there, I know how much it means).

  3. man thats terrible Mari :(
    can you find it soemhow ..????? sigh
    love you

  4. That's really bad luck. What a pity al those good things are lost. Didn't you drive back when yous discovered it?

  5. I phoned the place we'd been at, but the bag was gone.... :(


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