Monday, 12 January 2009

I'm seeing stars

Last week and this week I'm working full-time while MOTH is MATH - Man About The House. He's doing a great job, is most probably a better housewife than I am because he is not distracted by the sewing table :) he does get distracted by computer screens, though. Suzi once suggested that he earned his moniker MOTH because he was attracted to the flickering of the screen...... she was not far wrong.

I haven't worked fulltime for a decade and had forgotten the joy of working an 8hr shift - proper breaks! Perfect for my Texas stars which have become my handbag project. I can get a star or 2 done each day at work depending on how much chin-wagging I'm doing at breaktime.

Photo above is last week's crop. During the weekend I cut out fabrics for another 30 stars. 152 down, 190 to go!


  1. These stars look lovely, can't wait to see the final project.

  2. They are very pretty. I think you might have to padlock that bag to you if you take them in to work. There might be a serial quilt bag snatcher around.

  3. Full-time work definitely has it's benefits! They look so pretty.


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