Thursday, 29 January 2009

how to melt a mother's heart

Little Possum: "I'm going to miss you lots when I'm in school all day"
Me: "You will be having so much fun, you'll forget to miss me"
Little Possum: "No Mummy, I won't ever forget to miss you because I love you very, very much".

I'm going to miss exchanges like these when LP grows up...... but for now I"m happy that she's still my little big girl!

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  1. I hear you...little big kids are so awesome. You remember how Erno wouldn't let you call him a little boy? He still hates it if someone even hints anything of the sort. He too tells me almost everyday after kindy that he's missed me. It's so adorable and I can honestly tell him that I've missed him too!


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