Sunday, 19 October 2008

a girls' morning out - cricket and nature

Yesterday it was finally Little Possum's turn to start the cricket season. The family schedule looked impossible to juggle with Turtle's match starting at 8am, LP at 8.30 and Doodlebug at 9am - in 3 different locations, miles apart. But somehow it all came together, as it always does.

Kanga cricket takes place at an oval a mere 10 min walk away along beautiful, tree-lined streets and through a bush reserve. There are no photos of LP's cricket debut as she was a little overwhelmed to start with, and mummy involvement was required. We practised batting and bowling and LP concentrated really hard once the initial apprehension had given way. Another possible reason for this apprehension could be that LP is the only girl in this group of 50 or so children. I have no fear that she will cope with that, battle-hardened as she is having 2 older brothers.

An hour into the 90 min long session LP declared herself tired, and decided that cricket was over for this morning, thank you very much. We stayed and watched the other children for awhile before walking home.... slowly... there was so much to do along the way.

blowing dandelion seeds

taking a little time out to just sit and enjoy a handful of "fairy blossoms"

tree climbing, always tree climbing

he loves me, he loves me not...

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