Friday, 31 October 2008

if only it were so simple.....

Doodlebug is 9 years old now, and is starting to pay serious attention to the world around him and the issues at hand. Like the upcoming US election.

D: "It's the US presidential election on Tuesday"
Me: "Yes.. do you know who the candidates are?"
D: "Obama... Barack Obama and John McCain", "but who's the woman?"
Me: "That's Sarah Palin - she is McCain's running mate and will be the VP if he wins"
D: "So who's Obama's mate?"
(more discussion on the VP role)

Doodlebug then wanted to know who was the republican and the democrat, and
D: "What's the difference?"
cue a very simplified explanation of tax, welfare, health and education issues (we'll save foreign policy for another time) and how the 2 parties have different ideas of how to run the country, how to get money in and how to spend it.

When we got to tax and welfare, and the Democrat idea of increasing taxes to help those who need it, spreading the wealth. Doodlebug thought this was a great idea.

"After all, Mummy, those who are doing allright and have lots of money can help those who need it. They'll still be doing allright".

How do I explain the nature of greed, the attitude that "I earned it, I keep it..... let others sort themselves out" to a 9 yr old who thinks sharing makes perfect sense? If only it were that simple.


  1. ...or how people would rather choose to give out of free will (or choose not to) instead of goverment making them. And choosing whom to give to. Great conversations. I love how everything is so simple to kids.

  2. There's always one isn't there...

    To each according to his needs,
    From each according to his abilities.. (I paraphrase...)

    You're raising a man with integrity there, you must be very proud.


  3. we covered both sides of that particular argument, but Doodlebug fell firmly on the side of taxation and welfare. Must be the Norwegian genes :)

  4. A political science major maybe?


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