Saturday, 25 October 2008

our higgledy piggledy garden

Spring has sprung and summer is on its way. It seems that we are all gardening at the moment. Green Thumb seems to be highly contagious. I think Suzi might have been the source of the outbreak, but Lisha seems to be affected as well. This week the bug hit us and we have been gardening..

Ours is a bit of a higgledy piggledy garden with plants in random places and me hoping they'll be friends with their neighbour. I hear there is a system to which plants that thrive next to each other, but I am hoping that my garden of individuals will come together in a common cause - to bear fruit!

Sam inspired me with his strawberry jam, so in a moment of spontaneity I planted a couple of strawberry plants. Add that to the zucchini, cucumber, capsicum,tomatoes, rhubarb, beans, watermelon, lettuce, onion and various herbs growing in a couple of beds. The carrots are a little particular, so I planted them in a box by themselves. And just for fun we planted lots of sunflower seeds around the garden as well.

The worms in the wormfarm have been busy making lots of compost which I spread over the garden, and if I listen very carefully I think I can hear the plants saying "yum yum!". As I dug out the compost I decided to let a handful of worms come along for a sea-change. I hope they like their new patch!

My greatest joy in the garden at the moment is our passionfruit vine. Apparently I should have been pruning it some weeks ago before it started flowering.... oops... But it is now full of beautiful flowers, bearing the promise of a big harvest of fruit later in the summer. Better keep that a secret from the local cockatoos and possums!

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  1. You are so sweet Mari, Sam was so tickled that he inspired your strawberry gardening! You've planted such a wonderful array of goodies, hope it develops in to a great harvest for you.


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