Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I should have done this: But I did this:
(the light is funny..... the fabric is actually white....) This is a drawing that Little Possum made. She drew a princess and a castle, both will be turned into stitcheries and LP wants them made into a cushion.

There are a million things that need to be done around the house today. But.. in line with Carli's prompt, I spent the day re-energising in nature with good friends. We did not make it to nature untamed but had a pleasant time in a park stitching, talking and listening to our children playing in the nearby bush trying very hard to catch some wild rabbits.

Now that we're back I have an hour to do my June Cleaver best to clean and cook dinner.

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  1. that looks like one little energised princess though! I love it! Frame it Little Possum :)

    I should have been STUDYING but I told myself get the housework done first.Now I must do what I have been procrastinating too!


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