Sunday, 19 October 2008

I saw, I liked, I made.... a memory board

My local bookshop is a magical place to be. Very small but with a wonderful selection of books and always some good recommendations from staff who are as passionate about reading as I. Every time I go into the village, I am drawn to it and my idea of a bliss is to first go to Kokoh for a scrumdiddliumptious hot chocolate (or iced chocolate now that summer is coming), and then on to the bookshop for a chat and a browse among the books and the handmade items that are for sale there.

The other day I went in and I spotted some beautiful memoryboards... and I thought I might get one until I saw the pricetag. Two thoughts went through my mind in quick succession.... firstly "Man, that's expensive!" and secondly "I bet I could make that..... it doesn't look that hard..."

So I made one.....

The one in the shop was made using what felt like MDF, solid and quite heavy. I decided to just use a stretch canvas. Here's how it went:

Materials: a stretch canvas, some fabric, a couple of rectangles of quiltbatting for padding, about 2 metres of ribbon for the lattice and my beloved staplegun (the most exciting thing in my craft cupboard according to the boys, and they are itching to get their hands on it!)

Optional extras are some fabric for backing (I used a plain homespun) and some ribbon to trim the edge with.

I cut the batting and fabric to size, adding enough to stretch around to the back of the canvas.
The batting can be smaller than the fabric. I decided to have the batting going around to the back - it makes for a nicer finish I think.

Then I stapled the top edge using 3 staples but staying away from the corners. The bottom edge was secured in the same way, making sure I was stretching everything nice and tight.... leaving the corners again. Then I did the sides, stretching the fabric evenly so as to not distort the weave.
After all four sides were pulled stapled down, I mitred the fabric over the corners.

That done, it was time to cut my ribbons to make the lattice shape, making sure it was symmetrical. After I had measured and cut, I stapled the ribbons around the back, making sure they were nicely stretched.

I used a strip of the border print from my fabric to make a trim (instead of more ribbon), but if the"lattice" ribbons are pulled around neatly this isn't necessary..... all a matter of preference!

That done, it was time to tidy up the back, hiding a multitude of sins by adding some backing. I used some plain homespun, and stapled it all down.

Add a picture hook to hang it up - and hey presto...... one happy little customer!

Both boys came to investigate what I was doing, but Turtle decided he didn't like the fabric... he has ordered one with snakes on it... The monster fabric was something I had put up for sale in my Grand De-Clutter Sale a couple of months ago..... good thing it didn't sell!!

Just goes to show..... de-cluttering is risky business :) I should hang on to my fabrics !!


  1. I have been wanting to make one of these for ages but wasn't sure where to start, now I've got your great little tutorial to help me. Thanks for sharing Mari it looks great.

  2. clever clever!

    (my word verification is IMUCK!!)


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