Saturday, 20 December 2008

Handmade Christmas - pencil rolls

In my quest for handmade presents this year, I decided that pencil rolls would make a perfect present for nieces and nephew. I searched for patterns and found one at Pink Chalk Fabrics. Pencil rolls must have been an inspired choice, because the following week Toni had her pencil roll pattern published in the Handmade magazine and Homespun magazine's Kids Issue has a pencil roll made using the wonderful "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" fabrics. All of a sudden I had an abundance of ideas.

I decided to combine elements from all three patterns and made a strippy lining in rainbow colours to match the colouring pencils I had bought while using Hungry Caterpillar fabrics for the outside layer and pocket. Instead of using a third layer of muslin or flannellette in the middle, I substituted interfacing with iron-on pellon for the outside layer.

Selecting fabrics from the stash was a whole lot of fun!

At the end of it all my work table out on the deck was a bit of a mess.

I made one 24 pencil roll and two 12 pencil rolls (ran out of interfacing, otherwise I think I would have made some more!). The 24 pencil roll is for our oldest niece and I thought she might feel a little too grown up for the hungry caterpillar so for the pocket I used a fabric bought at IKEA last year.


  1. I came here by chance thinking it was the blog of my Dutch online friend Annemiek whose blog has the same name. But I don't regret it. You have such a lovely blog and you seem such a creative person. I really enjoyed visiting you. I'll be back regularly!

  2. Those pencil rolls are lovely! What a nice gift!

  3. Flotte julegaver! Takk for ideen

  4. These look fantastic!! I love how you've got the hungry caterpillar in the bottom half of one of them!
    I also LOVEd that book cover you did... I don't spose it was easy enough for me to make?! :o/


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