Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas memories

Whenever I see one of those themed Christmas trees where everything is silver, or red/gold I think it looks beautiful, and a small part of me wishes that I could have a really stylish tree one time. But...... then I look at the tree that the kids decorated, and I look at the ornaments - our very eclectic mix of ornaments. And I wouldn't have our tree any other way because our tree is full of memories:

this ornament used to be my grandmother's and is part of a set of 3 - the only ornaments left over. I remember Christmas Eve at her house, 7 types of Christmas cookies, big box of clementines, Christmas curtains in the kitchen and living room, frost on the windows, snowball lanterns with burning candles outside in the snowy garden. Walking around the tree singing carols, waiting for Santa to knock on the door looking for nice children.

my mother's favourite ornament, a beautiful glass angel that always used to be hung near the top of the tree, always next to a light so that the angel appeared to shine. My mother loved angel ornaments and decorations, and there is a selection of angels that come out each Christmas now at our house. I hold them in my hand and remember the person that most resembled an angel in my life and I rejoice in the knowledge that I will see her again because of Him whose birthday we celebrate this season.

this is an angel that I bought for my mother in London while I was studying there. I didn't get to go home that Christmas, but celebrated with other waifs and strays at the Norwegian Church on Christmas Eve.
Baby Jesus, part of a Nativity set of ornaments made from Fimo. I bought this for our very first family Christmas together, Peter, Doodlebug and I. Living in our house on the cricket green in Hartley Wintney. The children have grown up with these ornaments and love playing with them, so now the shepherd is missing a foot and the wise man is looking a little worse for wear, some of the gilt has rubbed off his crown.

Thomas the Tank Engine..... one of a set of trains..... James, Gordon, Edward and Percy are also on the tree. Bought when we had 2 little boys obsessed with Thomas. Would somehow never stay on the tree for long and could be found in the oddest places around the house. The idea of a train not for playing with was an unfamiliar concept....

the ornament given to us by some very dear friends in the Farnborough ward - this is where I had come to love and appreciate Relief Society...
and then of course we have our ever growing collection of ornaments made by the children, I treasure each one

Turtle's clay ornament

Doodlebug's laminated Santa from pre-school

and..... at the top of the tree we have this paper angel, coloured in with textas

It would be lovely to have a fancy angel at the top of the tree, but it wouldn't be the same.... it wouldn't have been laboured over by my child, tongue sticking out concentrating on colouring within the lines, glued together and then handed over to me with such a look of pride and joy. How can I not love this angel more?

It holds a memory.


  1. I agree with you Mari, I would love to have the perfect tree, but I love the memories that go into each and every ornament that we have and all of the hand made decorations the kids have made. They are more meaningful because you get to remember them only once a year at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing

  2. a lovely ornament walk down memory lane - that's wonderful. Sadly our ornament box has about 4 ornaments with 'meaning' so I will have to start a collection for the future. (I love your Mumma's angel and the fimo set - who made it?)


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