Tuesday, 30 December 2008

our new fancy...... Nancy

Little Possum made a new literary friend today - "Fancy Nancy" has found her way to our bookshelf complete with glitter. We love Nancy and her fancy ways.... there's a girl who knows how to accessorise and to add a little sparkle to her day! I am reminded of the little adage "There will always be something in life for the person who can bring her sandwich outside and call it a picnic".

As soon as we finished reading the book, LP created "The Fancy Club" and I was invited to the inaugural meeting.

LP was chairperson and was giving a little lecture on what it means to be fancy. It is an exhaustive list covering everything from clothes to manners..... e.g. being kind, being honest, not poking people while at the table and (this is my favourite) not picking snot out of your nose and eating it (ok - do I need to point out that I meant this was my favourite item on the list, and not my favourite pastime?..........)

even Horsey the hobby-horse dressed up and looked very fancy indeed wearing LP's silk flower girl dress.

We read this book as a literary dip in the water, but we will definately read more of Fancy Nancy!

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