Monday, 15 December 2008

yes..... I do quilt!

I suppose you could be forgiven for wondering since I haven't actually posted about quilting for aeons. Quite unforgivable for someone who has called her blog Carpe Quiltem. Incidentally there is another blog by the same name in Holland now, so I am suffering from an identity crisis.

But, I digress.... and now it's back to quilting:

This quilt pattern is called "I Spy" and was designed by Trish Harper. I completely fell in love with the bright colours and decided that I absolutely had to make it. It's been a UFO for awhile as I took a little break finishing the pieced blocks. But, I should have the appliqued blocks finished by the end of this week, and then I will be able to assemble and quilt next week. Hand quilting in bright cotton perle, my favourite!

The quilt top below is called "Checks and Planes" by Jenelle Kent. This is a stashbusting project, and was so quick and easy to assemble. At least the 'checks' were..... As I was cutting strips and squares with my rotary cutter and then chain-piecing on the sewing machine, I pondered how superefficient quilt making has become. I'm sure a time-travelling pioneer woman would marvel!
are you wondering about the 'planes' part? There will be appliqued aeroplanes around the border, all in check fabrics. Another handquilting project, and I also decided to use up all the leftover strips to make the binding. Am quite looking forward to the end result!

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  1. I love the "Spy" quilt!!! Thank you for taking part in the Feeling Stitchy Comment Expedition, and have a wonderful holiday! :)


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