Sunday, 14 December 2008

Higgledy-piggledy garden part 2

Back in October you may remember I started our higgledy-piggledy garden.I am happy to report that the experimental gardening seems to be working out quite well with the exception of my capsicum plant where the leaves closely resemble mesh, obviously proved a temptation too far for some little insect.

The herbs are thriving, and the strawberry patch off to the far left is growing so well.... we're going to have a great harvest of strawberries next year! My vegetable garden is so happy. I had to give the cucumbers and zucchini a bit of help with pollination which involved a soft paint brush and the identification of male and female flowers. Thanks to Suzi for helping me along that particular part of the gardening learning curve!!
I have so many pumpkin plants of different varieties that I see a lot of soup in our future... I may have to gather pumpkin recipes so I am open to hearing your suggestions! :)


  1. WOW! Mari this looks amazing! Those eggplants are well worth bragging about.


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