Sunday, 30 November 2008


Doodlebug's class held a marketday fundraiser for an Indian orphanage this week. It was the final stage of a project the class has been working on this term based on the parable of the talents. Each child that wished to participate was given a dollar coin. They had to come up with an idea to raise money using their dollar coin as the "start up capital".

Doodlebug wanted to sell muffins, and so with his dollar he purchased the ingredients from me for a tray of muffins. With the proceeds of the muffin sale, he bought materials to make more things to sell at his marketstall. He sold chocolate fudge and pet rocks.

The pet rocks caused him some concern when I raised the idea..... after all they are "quite old" - "They've been around since you were little, Mummy" (gee, thanks....), but he decided to try a few. He wished he'd made more now, they sold like the proverbial hotcakes. Mostly to girls apparently. Who knows....maybe we have started a new trend?

I don't know the total of how much the class raised in total, but Doodlebug made about $30. I think he used his "talent" well.


  1. Ha! Good for him - those are very cute!!

  2. Doodlebug, can I just tell you how good your pet rocks look! I think they rock and I reckon Mason and Maya would love them - it's awesome that they sold so well and you did so well with your talents.


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