Wednesday, 5 November 2008

crafting for a higher purpose

This week I find myself inspired. The source of this inspiration is SouleMama and her project Mama to Mama. This website was set up to give us crafters an opportunity to make a difference by doing what we love doing - crafting! The initial project (I am sure there will be more to come!) will benefit newborns in Northern Haiti where maternal mortality is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. Women mostly give birth without skilled help, and 1 in 40 women die from pregnancy or childbirth related complications. Konbit Sante is a volunteer organisation working to improve health conditions and they need basic maternity packs. The contribution we are invited to make is these little newborn knotty caps. Perfect opportunity to find a use for old cotton t-shirts! Patterns are available on the Mama to Mama website.

This afternoon I was sorting through Little Possum's clothes looking for outgrown items to recycle/reuse. I found some leggings and experimented a little. Guess what? The legs are perfect to turn into little beanies/knotty caps! Cut the leg off, a couple of seams to taper the leg a little more and hemming up (I haven't done the hemming yet in the photo below).
I would imagine that sleeves from long-sleeved t-shirts would work equally well as long as the diameter isn't too big!

This particular pair were a bit of a drab colour perhaps..... not many newborns in chocolate brown...., but it worked for a practice.

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  1. that is so cool she's putting something together like that.
    I haven't visited her site in a while. I'm going to pop over there, thanks for the heads up!!


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