Thursday, 13 November 2008

the making of a Funky Ball

or...... how to turn this:
into this:
Filling: 1/4 cup rice or sand (and we used small round balloons)
Uses: countless...... stress relief (squishing the ball is very relaxing), juggling, throwing/catching to name but a few..

Tip: when adding the second and the third balloon layer, make sure the opening to the previous layer is covered. This adds strength.


  1. What a great idea...i am going to have to try it! You are always so full of ideas Mari:)

  2. What a great gift idea for kids! They can make and give their own!

  3. Thanks a bunch...ds has just spent the afternoon making a dozen of these - we have printed off some juggling instructions, Just need to find some gift have helped with a tight budget this christmas.


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