Saturday, 8 November 2008

more inner growth and a fabric collage for the wall

Yesterday after school Little Possum and I dived into a pile of scrap fabrics. Armed with scissors, a blank canvas and a pot of ModPodge (marvellous stuff) we set about making a fabric collage.
LP told me what should be in our picture, and I made pencil sketch lines on the canvas - lines for the sun, clouds, hill, tree etc.
We talked about the colours that we'd need for our picture, and we made it a mini art lesson as we discussed the use of darker vs lighter shades of colours to define depth and to add perspective (although we followed our own rules here.....)
Let the fun begin! Fabrics were selected and sorted into piles according to colours and values. Finding floral fabrics on a green background was a bonus - we cut out the flowers to use in our picture.
Then we went to work cutting the fabrics into random shapes before gluing them into place on our picture. We started with the blue of the sky (leaving the spaces for the sun and clouds)
It was a gloriously sticky jigsaw puzzle.
When all the pieces were in place we painted ModPodge all over. I love our new sunny picture which now hangs on the wall.
I wish I had some photos along the way, but our fingers were seriously sticky and I also didn't want to break the flow of creative juices :)

Some time ago Carli, my montage inspiration, made her scrappy tree collage using papers. As I visited her post to make a link here, I re-read it and realised that her collage was also a Friday creation. There must be something about Fridays and glue! Free from homework Friday makes a perfect day for unhibited gluing.... and sticking..... and painting.....

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