Sunday, 2 November 2008

fairy friends

Take one mango box, some cardboard rolls, some scraps and glue..... the fairies are happy to have a home as luxurious as this, I am sure.

Although I do believe that the natural fairy habitat is in our flowerbed, it would seem that these particular 3 have become quite used to the trappings of indoor living. Making themselves right at home, they are. Given to have tea parties anywhere, anytime! The blue-winged one is a rather messy eater too, by the looks of things!

Little Possum has entered into correspondence with the fairies still in the garden, and she leaves tiny cards among the flowers for them to find. They are very polite fairies and always leave a card in return. LP saves these in her little treasure chest.

In a moment of doubt LP asked me to provide a handwriting sample to make sure it wasn't me writing the cards...... but my sample script wasn't small enough so LP is satisfied that it is indeed her little fairy friends leaving her letters.

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