Monday, 17 November 2008

Handmade Christmas

As December and Christmas are approaching, I was having a moment of nostalgia. It's no secret that I still struggle a little to get that Christmas feeling here in the middle of summer. Christmases past with snow, dark nights, stars, candles and fireplaces get in the way.

One tradition of my childhood and youth was the "Juleverksted" - the Christmas Workshop... Christmas decorations and presents would be made along with the Christmas baking (- 7 kinds of cookies/biscuits is the tradition). Gløgg and gingerbread might be consumed while chatting and listening to the music of the season.

Every year my family members were the recipients of many handmade items that I had made with more love than skill. Seeing them on display or in use were my happiest moments.

This year I have decided that I need to share this with my children, and give them the same opportunity as I had. Both because I would like to continue the tradition and give the children a creative outlet, but also because I think that it might just remind us all a little of the need for reduced consumerism.

I read somewhere this week a question posed: What is the difference between a present and a gift? I feel that in making Christmas presents, we will be giving a gift - a gift of time, a gift of love a gift of thoughtfulness and a gift of self.

Along that line I decided that I would make gifts for everyone this year, and I have already started. My sketch/notebook is brimming with ideas, the craftcupboard and my recycling box (the one with items for re-use in various projects) are full and my hands are itching to start.

Getting to grips with the children's wishlist is more of a challenge.....
does anybody have a pattern for a handmade iPod Nano?


  1. I remember that each year my sisters and I would make gifts for the family. Mostly I think we made Christmas ornaments and decorations. I always loved visiting my grandmothers and seeing all of our creations on her tree or around the house. My mother also made many of her gifts. My grandmother was always so supportive and encouraging in whatever we did. She would say "It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." whenever we made anything for her. When we were older, and our gifts much better made, it was a little joke between us to be the last to give her a gift so that our gift would be the most beautiful.

  2. I remember those hearts from my childhood x-mases!


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