Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Time to measure up

After a little pondering on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the public health ads on TV are most effective in this household when the kids have seen them...... Hence Turtle's insistence that I have my pap-test (he still does not know what it means, only that I need to have one every 2 years).

The most recent ad to register on Doodlebug's radar is the Dept of Health's "Measure Up" campaign. Doodlebug was sitting next to me as the ad came on the screen, and he was paying close attention, then there was a little frown on his face..... and then:
D: "Mum.... is your waist bigger than 87 metres?"
me: "Do you mean centimetres, sweetheart?..... and yes, it probably is"
D: "But, Mum...... that means your at increased risk of heart disease!"
(can't argue with facts, now can I?)

Doodlebug has been on my case for a couple of years now.....
we've had

"Mum..... you should do the Special K Challenge!"

followed by:
"Would you like those?" (Jenny Craig meals)

and then (and I particularly like this one!):
"Mum...... do you just eat too much, or do you have a low metabolism?"

So....... I'm hearing you, Doodlebug, and adding your voice to my inner's time for me to measure up (or down, as the case may be).

I am enlisting the help of my lovely friend Jenny the naturopath, and I dread to think what sacrifices I will have to make :) but she promises me that my sweet-tooth will actually disappear. I might mourn the loss...... we have been companions for such a long time, my sweet tooth and I...... :)

(no chocolate was consumed in the production of this post, but the choc muffins in the oven are dangerously close!)


  1. lol! Oh the things kids say :D This was so funny. The other day at work I heard a similar kind of thing on the radio here in Finland. They said that BMI's are not reliable and that the best way to know if you're overweight is to measure your waistline and if it's more than 80cm you're at risk. thing I do is to measure my waist of course and what do I see! 80 cm! Well they also did say that if people don't want to loose weight they should not be pressured to do so.

  2. thats so funny mari and lve the chocolate refernece at the end
    you are a clever gal


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