Monday, 3 November 2008

stitch by stitch

One little princess, one castle and one fairy princess, all genuine Little Possum designs lovingly embroidered by me.

Now I will be diving head first into my scraps tub to find the perfect fabrics to frame these treasures with. LP has some very nice cotton pyjamas that she has outgrown, and the fabric has some beautiful small roses. Might just do the job for one of the borders.

The final goal? I pondered a cushion, and I pondered a wallhanging before finally settling for 3 separate pictures that I will have framed. I am thinking family heirloom here! :)

Turtle is asking for his own work to be immortalised, so I am gathering some of his monster drawings and rocket/space drawings until I decide on a theme.


  1. Those are adorable! They might be really cute on her wall in her room.

  2. I looooove what you did!! Definitely frame them!!

  3. I just LOVE these.
    I saved some drawings that my now 15 year old made of Toy Story characters. I am making a blue work quilt from them. He does not know I am working on the project. (Unless he reads my blog, which I don't think he does.) I will probably (take forever to finish it and) give it to him when he has his own children.


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