Thursday, 20 November 2008

Handmade Christmas - Garden markers

I bought a bumper pack of the large paddlepop sticks some time ago and I think they will feature in several Christmas presents this year. One idea came to me after Serena and I made an outing to the nursery and came home with seedlings that we divided between us. But each batch of seedlings only had one marker. So I decided to make some.... then I decided to get fancy and paint pictures on each marker.
Once the paint had dried, I covered each marker in 3 layers of varnish to make sure it would be weatherproof
Gift idea no 1 - garden marker and a pack of seeds
Gift idea no 2 - garden marker and a seedling in a pot
Gift idea no 3 - garden markers and some gardening gloves


  1. I never knew how artistic you were. Well, I had an idea.. these look beautiful!

  2. I'll be needing some of these myself (hint hint :)


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