Friday, 7 November 2008

today....... ahh, today was a great day!

"Every human being has the capacity to create - not only the capacity, but the need to create.
To create is part of inner growth"
- Michele Cassou
Welcome to the Twilight Craft Zone!

I thought I'd do some laundry - but I was out of detergent, and decided it could wait another day
I thought I'd tidy the toyroom - but decided the children will turn it upside down as soon as they come home from school. That too can wait another day.
I thought I'd do some other housework-like things - but decided I can do those things while talking to the kids this afternoon.
So, instead I decided to do a few projects I can't do while the kids are around, projects involving stapleguns and rotary-cutters and moments of concentration and solitude (free of interruptions).
/sighing contentedly/ It's been a great day:

Made a cover and penholder for my journal. The penholder idea came from a Flickr demonstration/tutorial.... I'll see if I can find it again to post a link!

Managed to use some fabric stash! Result!

Decided to do some work on my "Butterfly Garden" quilt (by Leanne Beasley)... and did some more cutting and assembling of blocks ready for applique and embroidery as well as a little stitching on this block.

Made the first border for Little Possum's stitcheries.... am still trying to decide whether to just have the gingham border or to add another strip of a darker fabric..... but which one? Have decided on white frames.

Started working on this message board.... but ran out of purple ribbon. To Be Continued..
Made some sketches.... I am not an artist as you can see, but I have some ideas that I wanted to play with..... can you tell what the figures are?

My inner growth is so far ahead of my outer growth that I am going to have a snack before going out to do the canteen stocktake at school. Productive day? I think so.


  1. Wowsers you're out of control!!! Are you on medication for this??? :) GLAD YOU ENJOYED YOUR DAY!
    Personal faves:
    1. Little Possum's pics
    2. Butterfly quilt
    3. Your sketching (Christmassy??)

  2. I love those pink embroideries!


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